Here’s the roadmap to better
RERA compliance, all under
one roof.

Get all information, approvals and controls needed
to effortlessly manage RERA compliance.


Detailed Estimation

Estimate values as per RERA format and define the time frame for entering the data required in the form.

Account Progress

Set periodic entries of the work’s progress and get system reminders if entry isn’t done within the set duration.

Progress Approval

Guidelines for Approver to accept/reject updates within the time period and also provide remarks wherever necessary.

RERA Upload

Upload Building Activity progress, Development progress and other important documents onto the RERA portal, at ease.

Benefits of RERA

Critical document generation with access to external teams

Process approvals with workflow & escalations alerts for deviations

Time-bound period set for each process

Progress on building activities, development work and actual cost upload on RERA portal

Dashboard & Reports

Now, experience Quadra RERA

Use Quadra’s RERA trial version before you buy a package that suits your business.

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