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the forsworn conspiracy guards attack

Is the whole city involve in this conspiracy? PS3 After completing the quest, and after returning to the museum after the Thief Guild quest chain, guards will halt you and get stuck in the Forsworn Conspiracy conversation loop. What about "The Forsworn Conspiracy" and "No One Escapes Cidhna Mine"? — Unsigned comment by at 03:27 on 27 December 2011 Rozanne. When you refuse to be arrested, the three guards here attack. It's utterly terrible. And I … I wait for a while and Weylin will come walking up the path to the left dagger drawn only to attack thin air then get into a fight with the guards. EVER. Like the aforementioned forsworn attack and the guards not helping. When I go back to see Eltry hes already dead and the guards are just standing there and wont say anything. The former option moves you on quickly, but the latter provides you with an unique opportunity. In actuality, what would happen if i fled Makarth, and returned? So you may be able to pay off or clear a bounty by going to a guard somewhere else in The Reach area. Kill them off ASAP. I believe the bug is confined only to guards in Markarth itself (they are the only ones who try and send you to Cidnah Mine). - posted in General Skyrim Discussion: For whatever reason, the Cidhna Mine Quest didnt start for me, even though I was arrested by the 3 guards in Shrine of Talos. Weylin sneaks on her from behind, and shouts "The Reach belongs to the Forsworn… More guards attacked me so I yielded and they said, "Halt. The three guards from the previous quest "The Forsworn Conspiracy," will still be there, and the middle guard will engage in the same conversation as at the end of that quest. you just get swarmed by guards. I killed them and ran out of the building. The other two guards will attack you, and because you are in conversation, there is no way to fight back, so be prepared. Sires like uesp.net mostly focus on Quest completion before the changes imposed by Season Unending. So today I started a new character on Skyrim and began doing the quest line in Markath for the Forsworn. Go to Thonar’s house, and he won’t reveal anything until his wife gets attacked by Forsworn. So I'm not exactly sure what I did, but I didn't have a choice in killing Thonar. Don’t just stand there, whip out your weapon and help! However a forsworn attack convinced him to … You must escape! - Sneak into the shrine of Talos where 2 or 3 guards will be waiting as if you are finishing The Forsworn Conspiracy quest again. I have completed the Forsworn Conspiracy quest, but when i was sent to prison the game crashed. Not sure what to do! Wrongfully imprisoned by the cities guards, framed for murder, the Dragonborn has been sentenced to a life of manual labour at Cidhna Mine. A new Markarth Guard trio escorting a Forsworn Prisoner. Why do the Guards keep trying to arrest me after the quest on Skyrim "The Forsworn Conspiracy".? So no meaningful story aspect pops up. After the fight, speak to Thonar some more (who’s more chatty now) and then leave and head to Nepos’ house. I have hunted around and found some text guides but I was unable to find definitive answers for the above questions. A new Markarth Guard trio patrol. 0 0. Iona and I … After finding out more info on Margret, one of the guards approached and threatened me to stay out of their business. I accepted the quest straight away and just walked away when the leaving the mine, my game has been fine, apart from the huge lag i got while the battle was ongoing Which do you choose? The guards will usually register this as a surrender and stop fighting. A Forsworn triad in a skirmish with two Markarth Guards. No matter what answer I gave him he would get up and attack me, so I ended up having to kill his family and a few guards (he won't die, but if you go to the other side of his house he retreats back to his room and sits down). Content of the article: "Forsworn Conspiracy Won’t Start Normally" I enter Markarth and Margret and Weylin are not in their assigned spots. I assume the way to free him is through 'A Forsworn Conspiracy' quest? I tried to enter the prison through the front and the game was fine, so it seems to be an issue specific to being sent there, possibly even to that questline. In Margret’s room at the inn, you can find out that she was sent by General Tullius, and thinks Thonar Silver-Blood was behind the attack. I was attempting to talk to Thonar but his servants started yelling 'for the forsworn' and attacked the remaining residents. You are under arrest for murder and conspiracy against the city of Markath." During dialogue with the third guard, choose "You're Corrupt, Thonar is paying you" and "Fine, I'll come Quietly".Guard will attack you, kill him. At the end of The Forsworn Conspiracy, what happens if i kill the guards inside the shrine of Talos? The events leading to the Forsworn Conspiracy quest trigger the first time you enter Markarth. Is the whole city involve in this conspiracy? No one. Kill the two guards and wait for third to respawn. Share. When I try to complete the quest, the guards start attacking me and don't take me to Cidhna Mine, therefore the quest 'No One Escapes Cidhna Mine' doesn't start. Some of them refused to submit and held onto their old ways in the hopes … I've got mods activated but i'm pretty sure this isn't the problem. He will be very uncooperative until an attack occurs! So went to Markarth to do the forsworn conspiracy and I got to the first part got everyone's diaries and talked to a bunch of people about Weylin and Margaret. 8 January 2021 the forsworn conspiracy guards attack. If you do not step in, the guards will kill Weylin, who defiantly exclaims, "I die for my people." As you finish speaking to Nepos, he and the 2 other Forsworn will attack you. They say that if the bounty on you is too large the guards will automatically attack you. In the market, Margret is looking at a pendant and saying how it would look lovely on her sister. And leave any followers at home, so they don't attack the guards and escalate things. ... As you finish speaking to Nepos, he and the 2 other Forsworn will attack you. Or like in fallout 4 when you kill father the first time you see him and the game clearly doesn't know what to do. Be sure to share items and give arms when you free your comrade. Heres the problem, HE WONT GODDAM DIE. I have tried … They own Cidhna mines, the toughest jail here in Skyrim. I finished the quest, but the guards in the Shrine of Talos blamed me for murdering and wanted to send me to jail. The first was the victim who was a merchant and the 2nd was the murder who had been killed by the guards. Iona and I stayed out of the fight.

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